I've been where you are.

Trying to resolve behaviour problems with a dog can make you feel anxious, frustrated, and hopeless

You may have been given advice that sounds like this: 

  • Be more "Alpha"
  • Your anxiety is causing his anxiety
  • You're reinforcing his fear
  • He's being dominant
  • You have to show him you're the boss and you're in control
  • He can sense your fear
  • Your anxiety is travelling down the leash
  • He's trying to protect you
  • He's leading you and doesn't see you as the leader of the pack
  • It's your fault - you must have done something to cause this

It is mentally and emotionally exhausting to receive conflicting advice from well-intentioned strangers, family, friends, social media groups, and even professionals. 

Who's to know what advice (whether free or paid) is right and will work?

Many years ago I adopted a rescue dog, Parker, whose first three weeks were delightful, but after the honeymoon period, he began barking, lunging, and snarling at dogs.

Living in a busy downtown neighbourhood, I was constantly pulling off the sidewalk to hide between parked cars, dodging triggers every moment, and coming home exhausted from the hyper-vigilance.

Of course, I reached out to my community for help. I hired a trainer and was taught to "correct" Parker every time he saw a dog. It worked for a while, but then as I gained confidence in his behaviour, I brought him closer and closer to dogs, and he became a "silent biter". Back to crossing streets again!

This drove me into the world of canine behaviour and I became a Certified Professional Dog Trainer. In 2011, I launched the city's first and only reactive dog class, which was waitlisted every month for the next 8+ years. Over 400 dogs have graduated this program!

I know what it's like to improve my dog's leash-reactivity and walk down the street feeling relaxed and proud. I want YOU to experience this too.

You love your dog. That's why you're here. You want to change your dog's behaviour AND save your relationship with that nearly-perfect dog of yours.

There is hope. That's why I've turned our Cranky Canine class into an intensive online program!

Let's build your dog's resilience to triggers.

This program will give you fast relief and long-lasting results.

  • Science-based advice that does not rely on gimmicks and quick-fixes

  • Clear and detailed lessons that help you become the expert on your dog

  • Step-by-step training plans with video instruction & demonstrations

  • Fillable and printable worksheets (so that you have a clear path to follow)

  • Weekly LIVE Coaching Calls & Q&A so that you can get the support you need while working through the program

  • A recorded interview with a Veterinary Behaviourist so that you can understand whether medication or natural supplements are right for your dog

  • A group discussion board for additional support and cheerleading

24/7 access from anywhere in the world - ultimate convenience and accessibility!

Plus, we'll give you a one-month free trial in our exclusive graduate membership program where you'll get:

  • Access to the secret Facebook group for ongoing support

  • Four (4) live group coaching video calls per month (replay available)

  • Priority booking for one-on-one coaching (virtual or in-school)

  • Exclusive access to our Cranky Canine group classes

Go from anxious to empowered

Walk your dog with confidence. Gain the knowledge and skills that you need to handle walks with your dog.

Don't just take our word for it

Find out what our students are saying

A 200lb Great Dane and a long list of trainers

Sarah & Keith B

Danforth, a 200-pound Great Dane, has gone through half-a-dozen trainers, without success, until we found TCCE.

He has improved so much. Most importantly, the tools we now have to manage him are excellent.

It's now a pleasure to walk our big boy, instead of something to dread. Thanks to Caryn and her team.

After just a few classes I was already seeing improvement.

Amy L

My dog Baloo had recently become reactive on leash, so we signed up for the Cranky Canine class. After just a few classes I was already seeing improvement.

Now our walks are not nearly as stressful as before. We still have our days, but without the wonderful trainers at TCCE I hate to think where we would be now! You guys are amazing!

Corrections and punishment did not work.

Lana A

I cannot thank TCCE team enough. I adopted a 6 year old fear-reactive dog named Teddy. I have had dogs all my life but was at my wit's end trying to help this little guy find peace with the world. Corrections and punishment did not work.

Caryn and her team showed him and I how to communicate in a positive way and it worked amazingly well. Teddy was scared and being tough just made him more scared.

I will always be grateful for what they taught us both. Teddy found his brave and was a much happier dog. Thank you.

The time invested in the training has truly brought out the sweet, lovable dog that we knew was inside.

Tim & Katie M

When we rescued him, our dog was starting to be very reactive to a number of triggers (people, other dogs, scary plastic bags blowing in the wind). He would flip out on the leash at his triggers, and we were concerned that he would end up harming someone (including us), another dog or himself.

The lessons provided us with a toolbox which allowed us to walk confidently by his triggers with minimal reaction, by working to acknowledge his triggers before we broke his threshold.

The time invested in the training has truly brought out the sweet, lovable dog that we knew was inside.

There is no other training I would do than what is offered at TCCE

Shannon T

Our Golden became dog-reactive after a series of unfortunate events. It got to the point where walking him was darn near impossible. To go from the Walmart Greeter of dogs to that situation was challenging for our entire household.

The program was so incredibly helpful in teaching us tools that we could use on our own.

We can play in the park, go for walks with (select) other dogs, and generally be back to 'normal'. Something we weren't sure was possible at all for us. And all because we were taught such good observation, awareness, techniques and tools.

We have already seen substantial improvement

Ben C

We and our doggy have just finished with the program. First of all, they are just amazing people. Not only that they are caring and knowledgeable, but they are also always positive and encouraging.

The program is very well structured and organized. The techniques that we were taught are based on positive reinforcement. These techniques are invaluable tools for handling our reactive dog.

After 4 weeks of training we have already seen substantial improvement. I highly recommend this program for any dog parent whose dog has dog-directed reactivity.

Huge changes in our 9-year-old rescued Pit Bull

Amy W

I highly recommend the program! After completing the program just last week we have seen huge changes in our 9 year old rescued Pit Bull, Misfit! Being a dog with poor socialization skills using the tools we were given I can now manage her outbursts while out on the streets more effectively than i ever could.

Caryn and Mirkka take the time to make sure you not only understand the exercises but demonstrate ways for you to overcome the specific challenges of your dog.

I would not think twice about recommending them to any of my friends in rescue or anyone who owns a pet with " special" issues.

It has been worth every penny and minute we have spent.

Natasha E

Our dog, Sydney, just "graduated" from the course. AMAZING, AMAZING, AMAZING. Our dog walker recommended the course after Sydney had a few cranky incidents at the dog park. Mirkka and Caryn are so knowledgeable. And they have a warmth and great sense of humour too. None of us were made to feel badly about anything we had been doing (or not doing) to manage our dogs.

We were given lots of ideas and solutions and encouragement. They used a positive reward system (clicker training with treats). We hadn't used this approach with Sydney before and it worked wonders. I never knew she was so treat motivated! It has been worth every penny and minute we have spent. Thank you!

It was incredible.

Shankari S

It was incredible. It taught us the skills to help our dog relax and make good choices, even on the busy city streets.

Our greyhound used to bark and lunge at other non-greyhound dogs, but we have not had a single such outburst in the past two weeks. I'm sure there will be some great days and some setbacks, but with the skills we learnt, I'm sure the setbacks will be fewer and farther in between.

Our experience at TCCE was filled with validation and support, even when we were at our most stressed and disheartened. We learnt so many skills that will help us communicate better with our dog. It truly rekindled my love for training and relationship building with my dog.

Get fast results that last a lifetime!

And all the while, improve your relationship with your dog.

  • 24/7 access from any device

    This course is web-based and with your personal login, you can access it from anywhere in the world, anytime.

  • 8-week program

    You and your classmates will work through the material over an 8-week period. Classes start anytime and you get immediate access to preliminary materials upon registration!

  • Weekly LIVE chat

    Once a week, participate in a LIVE video call with your instructor and classmates to get your questions answered and discuss lesson material and assignments.

  • Detailed lesson plans

    Step-by-step training plans and worksheets. A roadmap from start to finish.

  • Video-coaching with demonstrations

    See techniques demonstrated and taught with videos to bring the training to life!

  • Video review

    Submit your own training videos for review and feedback through group coaching each week. (Recorded replays available.)

Need One-on-One help?

Online students get discounted virtual coaching, private lessons, and group classes!

  • Private Lessons

    Online Students with human-reactive dogs can add-on private classes in Toronto, Canada to easily transfer the skills learned to real life, in a controlled and safe environment.

  • Group Classes

    Online Students can add-on group classes in Toronto, Canada to easily transfer the skills learned to real life, in a controlled and safe environment.

  • Worldwide Virtual Coaching

    Need a little one-on-one time but don't live in Toronto? Get live, one-on-one Virtual Coaching wherever you are in the world!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the methods taught in this course?

    Our course material is founded in behavioural science, so we focus on using positive reinforcement (adding something the dog likes to increase behaviour) and if we must, negative punishment (reward removal).

    We use a humane hierarchy that allows us to avoid unnecessary stress on the dog by setting them up for success by setting up their environment as best as we can.

    Basically, if your dog gets it right, they get a reward. If they get it wrong, we reassess the training plan to make it easier for them so that they can get it right next time.

    We do not use nor recommend the use of positive punishment (adding something aversive to decrease behaviour) or the use of negative reinforcement (relief from the aversive to increase behaviour).

    In layperson terms, we don't use prong collars, choke collars, shock collars, spray collars, or any other device, tool, or technique that is designed to be aversive or harmful to the learner.

    If you are currently using those tools, no judgement here! Simply give our methods a try for the eight weeks and see the difference!

  • What if my dog has other behaviour issues?

    Then they're normal! None of us are perfect, so consider them a work (of art) in progress.

    We don't address other behaviour challenges in this course, but let us know what you're experiencing and we'll point you in the right direction.

  • What is your refund policy?

    We are super transparent about our programs and policies, so everything you need to know is right here on this page.

    At this time, we do not offer refunds as this digital service & product provided to you is available online and we cannot control consumption.

    The program is really fantastic so I'm sure that won't be a problem!

  • What if I cannot complete the program in the time offered?

    This program is available to students over an 8-week period and classmates depend on one another for support. We ask that you check your calendar prior to registering to ensure that you have a few hours each week to consume the information and attend the live calls or recordings.

    You have an extra four weeks after graduation to review the material and take part in the monthly membership at no additional cost. If you would like more time, simply continue on in the monthly membership to keep getting the support you need and access to the teachings.

  • I'm not sure if my dog can handle this. S/he is extraordinarily anxious in general / outside the home / refuses to eat when stressed.

    If your dog is experiencing generalised anxiety and is unable to learn and retain, then it's time to speak with your Fear Free Certified Veterinarian or a Veterinary Behaviourist.

    If you do not have one near you, contact your Veterinarian and request a "Vet-to-Veterinary Behaviourist" consult in order to get to the bottom of this and get relief for your dog so that you can embark on a behaviour modification training plan.

    This program can still be extraordinarily helpful, regardless!

Not sure if this is right for you?

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Ready to get back to peaceful walks?

You're in good company. Come join me and your classmates for a most empowering, anxiety-reducing experience that you know you need.

You're not alone.

See how this program has changed the lives of our students:

They offer hope, real-life skills and build confidence in owners.

Angela T

Our sweet rescue pup started having some difficulties while out walking when encountering other dogs. She would freeze up, bark and get seriously stressed when meeting other dogs. We learned that this was reactivity, and is often brought on by fear.

The program taught us how to help our dog change her feelings and reactions when meeting other dogs.

I cannot praise TCCE enough. They offer hope, real-life skills and build confidence in owners. All of the training is done with positive methods - no pain, no punishment, no harsh leashes/collars. Their love of dogs was very obvious.

Our walks are sooooo much more enjoyable and less stressful than they used to be!

Tanya E.

Just graduated the program with our 8-year-old border collie, Flair. This class was amazing and the trainers were engaging, knowledgeable and encouraging. I would highly recommend it to anyone having reactivity problems with their pooch.

Our walks are sooooo much more enjoyable and less stressful than they used to be! I no longer panic when I see another big dog approaching because we have a whole bag of tricks to manage this situation with now.

Not only did Flair learn a ton, but maybe more importantly we learned a lot too about why he reacts the way he does, how we can help him feel calmer and happier, and how to manage potentially stressful situations.

Phenomenal care and support

Michael W

This has been an amazing experience and helped so much! Our dog Dakota came to us from the Humane Society with a host of issues (acute separation anxiety, reactivity towards people and dogs, bad social skills).

But with the phenomenal care and support that was provided we've made huge progress changing her behaviour patterns.

All this with a progressive, positive training approach.

Everything about our experience has exceeded expectations!

Alison C

Caryn is absolutely amazing. She is so warm, kind and incredibly knowledgeable. We always feel motivated and that we've learned valuable information and skills.

Caryn is extremely supportive and patient. She is always sure to answer correspondences quickly and thoroughly. The notes she provides are detailed, practical and very helpful.

Everything about our experience has exceeded expectations! I would highly recommend Caryn!!